Friday, 16 December 2011

Total refurbishment for Clocktower Apartment 'Skye'

Today I have braved the cold wind and sleet and ventured up to Clippesby to catch up with Dan who is working on 'Skye' which is the one bedroom Clocktower Apartment.  'Skye' is in a lovely position close to the pool and over looking the walled garden, but it was in need of interior modernisation.  Well it's certainly getting that!

Dan has completely 'gutted' the inside and in most places it is down to the bare brickwork - he promises me it won't look like this for long!

Skye Interior
Oh dear!

When finished, 'Skye' will have a on-suite shower room, double bedroom and an airy open plan living area.  Come on Dan, only 16 weeks to Easter!!   Dan didn't want to be photographed today, but for those of you who don't know him I'll try to get 'snap' him next time.  Watch this space, I'll keep you posted with the changes as they happen.

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